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      Freeze-dried food

      Published:2020-5-9 14:53:03   Look Through:7268

            Freeze-dried food is rapidly frozen and dehydrated in the form of vacuum ice, which preserves the original color, aroma, taste, nutrition and appearance of the original materials, and has good water reactivity, and does not contain any additives, so it is an ideal natural health food.

      Freeze-dried food is short for vacuum freeze-dried food, also known as FD food. Because of the special process of freeze-drying, the color, flavor, nutrition and appearance of the original fresh food can be better maintained. In addition, freeze-dried products can be kept at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservatives, and the finished products are light in weight and easy to carry and transport, which is a good way to process tourism, leisure and convenient food. Freeze-dried food, this is known as the astronaut food of the past aristocracy, now quietly into people's life. In supermarkets, colorful freeze-dried green fruit slices, freeze-dried instant soup, freeze-dried dehydrated seafood, vegetables and so on can be seen everywhere.